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Media & Entertainment Strategies, Inc., has an exciting series of Gen-Z-focused qualitative projects coming up over the next few months. These projects offer clients an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into the attitudes, behaviors and motivations of Gen Z consumers across a wide range of topics.

Each project is focused on a specific area of inquiry, and clients are able to include their own specific questions, if they wish. Upcoming projects include:

Each project will consist of a robust, qualitatively representative sample of Gen Z consumers, aged 12-26 (in certain instances, the exact age range might be narrower, due to the topic being discussed). Conversations with each respondent will last 30-40 minutes and will allow for a free-flowing and organic, respondent-driven discussion of the specific topic. All sessions will take the form of one-on-one interviews and will be conducted online, via the Zoom platform.

To provide budgetary flexibility, there are two price points for each project:

If you would like to know more (or to sign on as a client!) please email .

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