What are ethnographies?

  • In-home sessions conducted with one or more individuals
  • Generally smaller sample sizes: 6 to 12 ethnographic sessions is typical
  • Interviews last between 90 minutes and three hours
  • Observation and exploration of the environment is a key element

What do ethnographies tell me?

  • How do consumers really live and behave?
  • How are my and competitive products embedded in consumers’ real lives?
  • How do the consumers’ environments impact their actions?

What else should I know?

  • Moderators are usually accompanied by a professional videographer to provide a full visual record of the session
  • Clients are also able to accompany the moderator (one client per session, only)
  • Ethnographies can also be conducted in other environments: work, school, store, etc.
  • Ethnographies tend to be relatively expensive due to the travel and time required for each session, but provide detail that is not available through other methodologies