Fashion House – Merchandise Evaluation

What was the business issue?

A storied fashion house elected to explore its customers’ reactions to current design with an eye toward improving merchandise offerings and the ‘brick and mortar’ store experience.

How did M&ES help?

A series of in-depth interviews was conducted with key clients across two of the company’s most successful markets domestically. To facilitate the richest discussion possible, the research was conducted in-store to support access to the store environment and, moreover, a large array of merchandise. This program of research:

  • Explored basic branding
  • Identified the specific wardrobe needs this designer fulfills for customers
  • Determined current merchandise successes / failures and groupings of design executions and elements that are successful, unsuccessful and polarizing
  • Explored the characteristics of past purchases that have achieved a “treasured” status in client wardrobes with the intent of influencing future design
  • Determined what in-store merchandising (in-store signage / technology ) is effective / less effective
  • Explored response to proposed new and / or expanded merchandise categories

What happened?         

The research produced a set of customer-inspired guidelines to influence design and selection of materials / embellishments, revolutionizing the internal design process.


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