Toy Manufacturer Packaging Redesign

What was the business issue?

A major toy manufacturer needed to address consumer confusion regarding the unique benefits and features of a variety of product lines that existed under a single brand.

How did M&ES help?

M&ES conducted two phases of research to help the client develop a packaging strategy that was clear, consistent and engaging.

  • Current packaging exploration:
    • Identified the specific issues and problems with the current product line packaging
    • Explored the key benefits and features that packaging had to communicate
    • Determined opportunities to differentiate the overarching brand from competitive products
  • New packaging concepts evaluation:
    • Explored reactions to the new packaging concepts (developed after the initial phase of research)
    • Confirmed the increased appeal and clarity of the new concepts, compared to the current packaging
    • Identified opportunities to further enhance specific packaging elements for each product line

What happened?

The packaging for all product lines underwent a significant redesign, driven by the learnings from this program of research.


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