TV Network – Break Structure

What was the business issue?

A TV network sought to better understand its viewers’ behaviors during program breaks.

How did M&ES help?

M&ES conducted a series of ethnographies across four markets to observe viewers in their natural environment.  This program of research:

  • Identified four distinct viewing patterns, based on personality and environment
  • Determined key elements of breaks (bumper-in, bumper-out, length, format, etc.) that impact channel-switching behavior
  • Established the relative importance of audio vs. video in break messaging
  • Identified language used by the network that was entirely misunderstood by viewers
  • Examined the confusion surrounding the use of program blocks within the channel lineup
  • Determined the impact of other media (most notably online) on viewing habits
  • Explored the influence of delayed viewing on behavior

What happened?

The client reconsidered all aspects of its breaks (timing, length, content, etc.) and developed promotional interstitials that reflected the new research-driven guidelines.


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