Panels & Diaries

What are panels and diaries?

  • Longer-term projects with fieldwork spanning days, weeks, and occasionally months
  • Participants provide feedback frequently during this period using an online platform (itracks)
  • Feedback can be provided in a shared or private space
  • Studies often have larger sample sizes: 20+ is not unusual

What do panels and diaries tell me?

  • How do consumers use my product in the real world?
  • What role does my product play in their lives?
  • How could my product better serve my target audience’s needs?

What else should I know?

  • Questions can be posed in the form of text, audio and video
  • Participants can upload video files or screenshots where relevant
  • Clients have full observer access to the panel throughout the fieldwork period
  • Focus groups are often conducted at the close of these projects