About Us

Media & Entertainment Strategies is a leading qualitative research company, with expertise in five specific areas:

  • Family media behavior
  • Brand and marketing communications
  • New product / content development
  • UX Design
  • Usability
  • Ideation

Working with M&ES is wonderful from start to finish: Rob is a true partner, offering spot-on guidance, incisive insights, and excellent customer service. Carol Stuckhardt, Hearst Magazines

The company was co-founded by Rob Hunt and Suzanne Stinson McNeil in 1995, providing some of the first usability and UX design research for sites.  Since that time, Media & Entertainment Strategies, Inc. has conducted more than 1,000 qualitative projects for 150+ clients.

Media & Entertainment Strategies utilizes a wide variety of qualitative research techniques, including:

  • Traditional usability labs: Evaluating the design, architecture, organization and intuitiveness of prototypes or existing interactive products
  • Online usability labs: As above, but ideal for hard-to-reach samples (can also be more cost-efficient)
  • Panels / diaries: Longer-term projects with frequent participant feedback and contact (usually online), often culminating in focus groups
  • Focus groups: Participant-driven group discussions, ideal for a wide range of topics, particularly where shared experiences and opinions are valuable, or if creative team exercises would be beneficial
  • Ethnographies: In-depth explorations conducted in the respondent’s own environment, offering some of the “deepest dives” available in qualitative research, and allowing for the inclusion of friends, coworkers and/or other family members
  • In-depth interviews: One-on-one sessions, ideal for topics that are not well-suited to group discussions
  • Ideation sessions: Helping clients to make creative leaps in brand extension, product development, franchise evolution, marketing strategy and communications

Of all the vendors we have used, we consider Suzanne and her team to be one of the best. Here’s why: she’s not a vendor, she’s one of us. Sonaiah, AT&T

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