Gen Z on Brands



We are excited to announce the launch of Gen Z on Brands!  

Gen Z on brands is a comprehensive qualitative investigation of how Gen Z interacts with, and perceives, brands that impact their lives. It takes the form of 15-18 one-on-one conversations with Gen Z respondents, aged 13-26. The conversations are organic and respondent-driven to provide the greatest opportunity for new, unique and meaningful insights.

In addition to the core research, clients can opt to include 4-5 minutes of their own questions in every interview. This is typically enough time to briefly explore Gen Z’s relationships with the client’s brand, the brand of a key competitor, or initial reactions to a specific marketing message/execution.  

The research is scheduled to take place in late November 2023, and analysis is provided in the form of a full report of the findings (including respondent verbatims), a Zoom debrief call and a video highlight reel, supporting key findings. (The analysis and video highlights of clients’ proprietary questions are only seen by the relevant client).  

There are two price points for this project:

  • $7,500 (full report of findings in Research Memo format, plus client debrief and video highlight reel)
  • $9,500 (as above, plus 4-5 minutes of proprietary questions included in every interview)

If you would like to know more about Gen Z on Brands, email or call/text (347) 203 0350.





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