Gen Z AppSense: Insightful, Effective, Actionable

Media & Entertainment Strategies Inc., is delighted to announce a new research option for clients – Gen Z AppSense. For the noteworthy value of $14,900, you can have any app thoroughly reviewed by members of our Gen Z panel (a diverse mix of 13-21 year-olds, from across the U.S.).

Research Details:

  • The project is comprised of 12 in-depth online interviews with members of our Gen Z panel
  • Respondents download and use the app for one week prior to the interview (additional fees will apply if the app requires purchase and/or a subscription)
  • During the interview respondents report on their experiences with the app, focusing on usability, utility and engagement
  • Each interview lasts 30 minutes and all interviews are video recorded for future reference
  • The deliverable is a written analysis of the app’s performance, plus a telephone/online debrief with the research team

We look forward to making Gen Z AppSense part of your product development and business intelligence cycles.