Research Solutions

Qualitative research is a means to an end: it is the exploration of the why, when, who, what and how.  In order to be able to address the full range of our clients’ needs, Media & Entertainment Strategies utilizes a wide variety of qualitative research techniques:

  • Traditional usability labs: Evaluating the design, architecture, organization and intuitiveness of prototypes or existing interactive products
  • Online usability labs: As above, but ideal for hard-to-reach samples (can also be more cost-efficient)
  • Panels / diaries: Longer-term projects with frequent participant feedback and contact (usually online), often culminating in focus groups
  • Qualitative research is the exploration of the why, when, who, what and how.

  • Focus groups: participant-driven group discussions, ideal for a wide range of topics, particularly where shared experiences and opinions are valuable, or if creative team exercises would be beneficial
  • Ethnographies: In-depth explorations conducted in the respondent’s own environment, offering some of the “deepest dives” available in qualitative research, and allowing for the inclusion of friends, coworkers and/or other family members
  • In-depth interviews: One-on-one sessions, ideal for topics that are not well-suited to group discussions
  • Ideation sessions: Helping clients to make creative leaps in brand extension, product development, franchise evolution, marketing strategy and communications