Usability Labs (Traditional, RapidLabs, Online)

What are usability labs?

  • One-on-one (occasionally paired) moderated sessions
  • During the lab, participants interact with a digital product or service
  • Between six and eight conducted per day (total sample sizes vary enormously, from eight to 60 sessions)
  • Sessions typically last 30-60 minutes

What do usability labs tell me?

  • Can consumers use my product?
  • How can I improve the user experience?
  • What can I learn from competitive UIs?

What else should I know?

  • Sessions are recorded and streamed using Interactive Video’s picture-in-picture protocol (eye tracking is available, if required)
  • Projects are conducted across the US and in international markets
  • RapidLabs are a more cost- and time-efficient option (they are conducted in-person, but client flexibility is required regarding markets and dates)
  • Online usability labs are conducted via a live, interactive video link (ideal for hard-to-reach, or national, samples)