Story Reporting: simple, powerful analysis

Inspired by Amazon, Google and others, Media & Entertainment Strategies now offers Story Reporting as an alternative to PowerPoint, Keynote and video presentations.

Story Reporting is a simple yet powerful analytic tool that promotes focused team-thinking and consensus-building. Research results are delivered in the form of a narrative document (Word or Pages format) and shared at a team meeting. Initially, the entire team spends 30 minutes quietly reading the document together (maximum eight pages in length). Following this, there is a 60-minute discussion focused on addressing key questions and developing next steps.

This process offers several advantages over other deliverables:

  • The narrative nature of the analysis leads to a context-rich, thorough and nuanced record of the project
  • The unique “presentation” approach ensures that all team members receive the same information, have adequate time to digest the data, and that learnings are not derailed by peripheral conversations
  • The team discussion ensures that everyone has fully processed the research findings, and leads to the immediate development of implementation strategies

If you are interested in utilizing Story Reporting for your next project, we would love to chat with you!