How did M&ES help a client rebuild a new software acquisition and take it to market within a matter of weeks?

What was the business issue?

A technology client purchased a startup software company and enlisted M&ES to “fix” the user experience of their new acquisition’s web-based software product.

How did M&ES help?

Media & Entertainment Strategies conducted several iterative projects in quick succession.

  • Initial software evaluation: (in-person user testing with current users of the software):
    • Two, three-day projects with current users to identify problems and confusion surrounding the product
    • Alterations made nightly so new solutions / approaches could be rapidly tested
  • Post-launch Stage I evaluation (small business ethnographies throughout the US with the revised release of the software):
    • Five to six hour ethnographies, observing new users engage with the software
    • Identified key issues for immediate attention
  • Post-launch Stage II evaluation (online in-depth interviews informed by dairies):
    • Interviews with Stage I respondents to identify usability problems experienced in ongoing interactions with the software
    • Developed a comprehensive list of final issues and corresponding fixes

What happened?

  • Working in concert with the company’s software engineers, the product was rebuilt within a matter of weeks. The client reconsidered all aspects of the software, essentially stripping it to its skeletal framework, and adopted almost all M&ES recommendations over the course of the relaunch (and rebranding) of the software product.

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